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2010-06-20 14:54:07 by emolink99

well Ive stopped my sprite stuff and mixcraft songs making because laptop crashed and well i hardly use this site anymore.. .im too busy with real world stuff not that anyone cares for my shit anyway

nuthing going right....

2009-12-06 19:05:55 by emolink99

yah im not sure how long itll tae to start making stuff again.
mouse broke, and several other problems.
ill try my best to fix everything as soon as possible.
ill stilll chec newgrounds a few times a week like always.
feel free to send me a PM

nuthing going right....

of all things to go wrong

2009-11-27 21:56:57 by emolink99

jsut got flash.
i was excited to learn to use it and makin actual flash stuff
too bad my second mouse broke so im shit outta luck.

of all things to go wrong


2009-11-26 11:12:10 by emolink99

i got flash so now i can stop making art sprite stuff
now i can make like full length sprite animations
although i need to learn to use flash first

i jsut dont care

2009-11-14 19:53:05 by emolink99

eh ill get back into making sprite things when ever i feel like it.
not once have i even touched a sprite sheet yet since ive gotten laptop back.
so yah ull jsut have to wait for them to come back up.

im back bitchtits

2009-10-22 16:23:30 by emolink99

well i got my laptop back! and ive lost everything so i need to get all my programs and sprites back. its gonna be long and shit so ill repost when i start making sprite animations again.

im back bitchtits

another fucking problem

2009-10-01 21:19:12 by emolink99

well my laptops hard drive fried.... which it shouldnt have considering it was only 8 months at max. (not sure exactly how long. i got for christmas) so for those of you that know wat "frying the harddrive" means then u know ive lost everything. every single sprite, sprite sheets, and animations in progress are lost forever. so im sry to say that i must put off everything dealing with newgrounds for while. (2-3 weeks tops) till i get laptop fixed and repaired. ill post a new post when i recieve the laptop back snd so forth. and as always i thank Nintendo for making the Wii, for without i couldnt of posted this.

well as you can see ive not gotten a new mouse yet or i woulda named the post "NEW MOUSE BITCHEZ" lolol jk anyway um yah i still cant make sprite art stuff :(

lately ive been gettin new music lol Psyclon Nine has a new album out and i cant wait to hear it. this band kicks so much ass!!! best band ever!!

um idk what to leave next so i guess ill just go........

i was at a fridns house recently and got a kick outta this video lol i dont really like the genre of the song or the vid but its funny as hell XD and am pretty much most likey get the song cuz its funny as fuck lol

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hmmm bored i guess needs a goddamn mouse

well i havnt been able to do anything for the past 2 1/2 weeks cuz my mouse broke.
now school starts in like 3 days so the process is pretty much stopped sry to say.
when eva i get a mouse ill try my hardest to make sum stuff but i cant gurrente when thatll be.

my art stuff gonna get even slower

sprites O.O

2009-08-15 23:38:37 by emolink99

i love em and shit right?

but with stuff goins on the process will b slowed :(
now if you DO care i am truely sry but shti happens

if u DONT care you can go fuck urself lol

well thats bout it
cya later

I GOT THE PIC FO THE NEW ZELDA GAME :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sprites O.O